Lab Testing

Lab testing of Thermic Fluid is required on interval basis to know the exact conditin of existing running oil. Few parameters like Viscosity, carbon & flash point are important & these can be found out by the lab testing of thermic fluid.  Therefore it is important, that thermic fluid must be checked on interval basis.  G4 is equipped with quality lab to help the customer related to lab testing of thermic fluid. 

QA Lab Testing with Generation Four Engitech Ltd assures performance and prevents issues from leaking into production. Moreover, it enables users to control costs with faster system life cycles. By going to market earlier, with fully validated products, GFEL customers can quickly capitalize on new opportunities and gain an enduring advantage over competitors.

The GFEL Test Solution is a highly flexible, scalable solution that  manufacturers and service providers can use to fully evaluate commercial concern pre-production products and services. It simulates complex real-world services. More importantly, it provides world class testing mechanism with latest technological equipment. To help, companies match better testing to different milestones in Thermic Fluid, GFEL offers on-premise solutions, as well as managed parameters.


Thermic Fluid Testing


It is very Important test to check your fluids proper flow rate. i.e. how fast is heat transfer.
It reflects your fire risk,due to Thermic Fluid which is important for safety.
Increase in carbon will increase your fuel cost and decrease your machine performance. It is an economical test.
We check your oil for suspended particle and contamination, whether parameter exceeds.


Guide Line

1. Send your Sample in clean, Contamination & moisture free bottle.
2. Send at least 750 ml to 1000ml of thermic fluid
3. It is better to draw sample through needle valve' while pump is running.
4. Throw 200 ml of oil and then collect the oil for sample testing.
5. For proper recommendation fill all columns in testing form.
6. Send Sample to --
Generation Four Engitech Ltd.
Hitech Solution
Mandeep Tower, Residency
Road, Opp. Sankalp
Restaurant, Jodhpur (Raj)
Tel. : 91-291-2772655
Mobile : 91-9214048652

7. Guideline for Sending sample to courier.
    A. Send Sample in Chemical Sample Bottle Available in Indian Market.
    B. Ensure that bottle/can is leakproof.
    C. Fill the bottle 100% with no air.
    D. Pack the sample in Square box with paper & plastics surrounding.
    E. If your Packing is Poor, Courier will not accept the sample.
    F. Write Proper Address in Details with Phone Numbers.